Public Service Commission Final Decision on SBU's Electric Rates

On December 9, 2020, Sturgeon Bay Utilities (Sturgeon Bay) filed an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) for authority to increase electric rates. This adjustment is necessary to cover increased operation and maintenance expenses that will allow the utility to continue providing reliable service to its customers. The last electric rate adjustment became effective on June 1, 2011.

Sturgeon Bay had requested authority to increase its electric rates approximately 9.12%, or $1,321,501 per year. After review, Commission staff proposed, and Sturgeon Bay has agreed to, an increase in rates of 7.71% or $1,118,159 per year. The estimated average monthly bill increase for residential customers is shown below:

          Average Energy Use           Percentage of Increase           Dollar Amount of Increase

                500 kWh                                     9.89%                                          $5.60

              1000 kWh                                     4.89%                                          $5.20

The Commission has APPROVED the application.  Click here to read the final ruling from the PSCW.  To view SBU's Electric Rate Tarriff, click here.