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Welcome Spring!

Utility Customers Must Make Arrangements for Late Payments by April 15

One of the advantages of being a locally owned, not-for-profit utility is the ability to work directly with customers in the community and for SBU, that means keeping the lights and heat on for individuals and families on tight budgets.

Throughout the year, utility employees can help customers make arrangements to catch up on late payments. But as winter comes to an end, its especially important that customers contact the utility to avoid disconnection. Read More

Spring cleaning? Try these small steps to help conserve energy.

  • Dust and pet hair can build up on your refrigerator condenser coils, causing the motor to work harder and use more electricity. Make sure the coils are cleaned so that air can circulate freely.

  • Check that ceiling fans are working properly and are dust-free. Switch the fan direction to counter clockwise, to help draw air upward and cool the room.

  • Dust or wipe light bulbs. Clean bulbs provide more light.